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Should beginners revisit the “Ancient and Honourable Art of Shimming” at high fields?
M. Martínez-Maestro, M. Guidi, C. Labadie, H. E. Möller (2014). ISMRM poster

Adaptive motion correction of single-voxel spectroscopy with real-time frequency correction at 3 T and 7 T C.
C. Labadie, T. Siegert, E. Reimer, M. Guidi, M. Martínez-Maestro, H. E. Möller, R. Turner, J. Schulz (2014). ISMRM poster

Layer-dependent CBV and BOLD responses in humans, monkeys, and rats at 7T.
L. Huber, J. Goense, A. Kennerley, R. Trampel, M. Guidi, C. Gauthier, R. Turner, H. E. Moller (2014)
ISMRM Workshop ("Functional MRI: Emerging Techniques & New Interpretations")

Towards a vascular model of layer specific activation.
I. Markuerkiaga, M. Barth, and D. Norris (2014). ISMRM presentation.

Estimation of layer specificity of Spin Echo and Gradient Echo BOLD at 7T .
I. Markuerkiaga, M. Barth, and D. Norris (2014). ISMRM fMRI workshop 

The Effect of Brain Tumors on Local SAR Levels at 7T.
M. Restivo (2014). ISMRM Poster.

31P Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and amide proton transfer-Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer based probes for intracellular pH measurements at 7 tesla.
V. Khlebnikov, J. Wijnen, M. Italiaander, A. Bhogal, H. Hoogduin, and D. Klomp (2014). ISMRM poster and presentation

Glutathione deficit as a pathophysiological indicator in patients with psychosis.
CC Fernandes, EL Hall, SE Robson, J Kumar, MJ Brookes, L Palaniyappan, PF Liddle, MC Stephenson, M Simmonite, EB Liddle, M Skelton, NG Christodoulou, M Katshu, A Qureshi and PG Morris (2014). BCISMRM, Edinburgh (Poster)

Measuring MT, NOE and CEST effects in human brain in vivo at 7T.
N. Geades, O. Mougin and P. Gowland (2014). BC-ISMRM Poster

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