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Matthew RestivoMatthew_Restivo


Project Title: RF Heating

Supervisor: Dr. Hans Hoogduin, Dr. Nico van den Berg

Centre: Images Science Institute, Utrecht

Secondment: ZMT

Project Description

With the introduction of multi-element/multi-mode transmit coils, the challenges for modelling and verifying in vivo RF heating are increased enormously. ESR K will develop numerical procedures to estimate the RF exposure in terms of SAR and temperature elevation of the subject for the multi-transmit probes developed by ESR J. The results of this task are vital to guarantee safe application of multi-transmit strategies for in vivo examination. The RF exposure depends on the transmit coil design, head shape and volume, and the amplitude and phase envelopes of the RF pulses played out on the individual transmit channels, so that online SAR prediction during individual examinations is essential.


Meetings Attended: Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM/ESMRMB 2014 (Milan)

Publications:The Effect of Brain Tumors on Local SAR Levels at 7T.
M. Restivo (2014). ISMRM Poster




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