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Project Title: WP8: Optimal strategies for 1H MRS and the measurement of GABA at UHF

Supervisor: Dr. Dennis Klomp and Dr. Hans Hoogduin

Centre: Image Sciences Institute, University Medical Center, Utrecht

Secondment: Nottingham and Rapid

Project Description

At UMCU ESR H will optimize protocols for single voxel 1H MRS, investigating the improvements in SNR that can be obtained by selecting only those elements of multi-element array coils that contribute significantly to the signal. In this way, it will be possible to synthesize the optimal coil configuration for a particular application. There has been much recent interest in the measurement of the inhibitory neurotransmitter, GABA, and its relationship to neural oscillations. At 1.5 and 3T this is normally achieved with an editing sequence such as MEGAPRESS, however at UHF the increased dispersion allows GABA to be measured directly. The optimum way to achieve accurate quantification of GABA at UHF will be determined. The possibility of generating metabolite maps using chemical shift imaging approaches will also be explored. This is especially challenging at UHF because of the difficulty of achieving sufficiently high field homogeneity over an extended region. ESR H will apply optimized protocols to study the role of neurotransmitters in controlling neural networks including the default mode network (DMN) on secondment to RADBOUD where there is particular interest in the DMN.


Meetings Attended: Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM/ESMRMB 2014 (Milan)

Publications:31P Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and amide proton transfer-Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer based probes for intracellular pH measurements at 7 tesla.
Vitaliy Khlebnikov, Jannie Wijnen, Michel Italiaander, Alex Bhogal, Hans Hoogduin, and Dennis Klomp (2014).
ISMRM poster and presentation



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