University of Nottingham

Weirui Caiweirui-cai


Project Title: RF Manipulation

Supervisor: Prof Mark E. Ladd

Centre: University of Duisberg, Essen

Secondment: University Medical Centre, Utrecht and Rapid Biomedical

Project Description

The focus of WP10 will be the design of multi-transmit coils to efficiently exploit and manipulate the complex RF field patterns at 7T. These coils will be combinable with
high-density receive arrays. A geometry with element distributions both circumferentially as well as axially will be pursued to enable maximum flexibility in field manipulation. Novel RF pulse designs with individual amplitude and phase modulation for each element will be conceived to take advantage of the unique RF conditions at 7T. In conjunction with WP12 (ESR L), the coil will be conceived to be compatible with requisite motion compensation tracking devices. As already pointed out under Theme 3, high magnetic field strength gives both advantages (spectral separation and higher signal) as well as disadvantages (high SAR during decoupling and line broadening) for multi-nuclear spectroscopy. Using the performance gains and SAR control delivered by multi-transmit methods, it is expected that improved coils incorporating both 1H and 13C transmit systems would be feasible, improving sensitivity and decoupling capability. At higher field strengths it also becomes realistic to image/map other nuclei rather than relying on localised volume measurements. ESRs B,D, H and I will also get the opportunity to build RF coils tailored to their particular requirements on secondment to RAPID


Meetings Attended: Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM/ESMRMB 2014 (Milan)




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